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What is barkcloth fabric?

In accent times, barkcloth was originally a type of fabric that is made from Moraceae trees. To make this fabric, one has to beat sodden strips of the fibrous inner bark of the trees into sheets, and then the sheets are finished into various items.

Aside from its origin, the barkcloth is named as such because of its rough surface that feels like tree bark

Barkcloth came to popularity in Asia, Africa, and the Pacific. Now, it’s gotten popular all over the world and is sometimes incorporated with other textiles, such as cotton fibers, Polypropylene, polyester and rayon, to produce softer textures.

What is barkcloth used for?

Barkcloth is commonly used in home furnishings, such as curtains, drapery, slipcovers, mosquito screens, and upholstery. For other cultures, such as the Baganda people in Uganda, this fabric is used to make clothes for coronations, healing ceremonies, funerals, and other cultural gatherings.  

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