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What is basketweave fabric?

In layman’s terms, the basketweave is a fabric that uses a weave pattern reminiscent of a basket. This weave pattern is a derivation of a plain weave — two or more weft and warp yarns are woven alternatingly. This process gives basketweave fabric its signature checkerboard appearance. 

The basketweave has been around for several millennia — approximately 12,000 years, to be exact. Baskets had been an essential part of the daily lives of many civilizations, and over time, the same type of weaving had been used to create mats, mesh bags, and even furniture. 

Throughout history, the basketweave has continued to attract attraction, and eventually, people have found a way to make a fabric out of it.

What is basketweave fabric used for?

The knits of the basketweave are loose, making the fabric highly breathable. It’s also sturdy yet pliable and resistant to wrinkles. As a result, this type of fabric is incredibly versatile. Some of the most common applications of basketweave fabric include monk clothes, garments (e.g., undergarments, kimonos, casual wear, fancy gowns, etc.), drapes, and decorations.

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