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What is Bemberg fabric?

Bemberg is the name of a cupro fabric made by Asahi Kasei, a Japanese manufacturer. Cupro is a type of hybrid fabric that uses a natural material and puts it through chemical processing to make it usable. For cupro, cotton linter — the fuzz around the cottonseed — is the natural material used. The fuzz is taken out, dissolved, then transformed into pure regenerated fiber that’s very fine, smooth, and round. 

Bemberg was initially manufactured by JP Bemberg, a German producer and exporter of rayon, in the 19th century. In 1928, he entered into a licensing agreement with Shitagau Noguchi, and the latter eventually named the fabric “Bemberg.”

Now, Asahi Kasei is the world’s dominant manufacturer of Bemberg fabrics. 

What is Bemberg fabric used for?

Bemberg fabric features fine and round fibers, and that’s why this fabric is breathable and excellent at moisture control. It also feels silky soft and luxurious. For this reason, Bemberg is commonly used for lining suits and coats.

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