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What is blackout fabric?

Blackout fabric is named as such because it’s foam-backed and opaque, and as a result, it successfully blacks out any light. The process for manufacturing this type of fabric was invented by Rockland Industries. The company started coating a piece of fabric with layers — or “passes” — of foam. A “2-pass” blackout fabric is what happens when two layers of foam are applied to a fabric — first, a black layer, then a white or light-colored layer on top of the black. As for the “three-pass” fabric, a third layer of white or light-colored foam is added.

There are several kinds of blackout fabrics. These are as follows: thermal insulated, ring top, pencil pleat, and 3D blackout.

What is blackout fabric used for?

Blacking out light isn’t the only thing that blackout fabric does — it also insulates and has noise-dampening qualities. This is because they’re quite thick, dense, and opaque. 

Because of this, blackout fabric is commonly used in curtain linings and drapes. Aside from window coverings, wallpapers, movie projector screens, and planetarium domes are other popular applications.

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