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Also known as hessian or crocus in many countries, burlap is a woven fabric made from the jute plant or sisal fibers. Though this fabric is well-noted for its brown or natural color, it can also be dyed in other colors to fit specific projects.

Burlap originated in India and was first exported from the country in the early 1800s. At the time, this fabric was commonly used as backing for linoleum, rugs, and carpets. But in other parts of the world, burlap was used for other purposes. 

For example, laborers in Jamaica and certain parts of the Caribbean had to be resourceful and use discarded burlap sacking as garments since their masters didn’t provide them with decent clothes. Clothes made from burlap weren’t the most comfortable, but they did provide protection from heat and dust. 

During this period, burlap fabric was also used to make bags for carrying loads of items. 

What is polyester burlap fabric?

Even though jute is a popular fiber for fabrics nowadays, it’s not readily available everywhere. Most of the jute trade is centered in South Asia, especially India and Bangladesh. So, for people in other countries, they’ve created their own alternative — and that is, the polyester burlap fabric. 

As the name suggests, the polyester burlap fabric is made entirely of polyester but looks and feels just like the authentic burlap fabric with jute fibers. It can also feel slightly softer than jute and doesn’t shed or produce “burlap lint,” unlike traditional burlap. Last but not least, polyester burlap is machine-washable and dryer-safe, which is something that jute burlap isn’t.

Because of these features, polyester burlap is perfect for party rentals and other applications within the event industry. 

What is burlap fabric used for? 

Considering how burlap is made, this fabric features a coarse texture. That said, it’s also durable and eco-friendly, which is why it’s a popular fabric for many projects and applications. Bags and rugs are the most common items that use burlap, but other applications can be table mats, curtains, wall hangings, rosettes, and wreaths.

Sometimes, the fibers of jute and sisal are combined with other vegetable fibers, resulting in various products, such as ropes, nets, and other similar products.

Because of its coarse texture, burlap isn’t typically used in modern clothes. But many religious practitioners have taken a liking to this fabric because they believe its roughness can be used for the mortification of the flesh. For this reason, many religious people wear abrasive shirts or sackcloths during Ash Wednesday and other religious events.