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Chambray fabric is a plain-weave fabric, typically made from 100% cotton, but other materials, such as linen, can also be used. Chambray has been around for several centuries, and other variants of this fabric are called cambric or batiste.

What is chambray fabric?

Actually, the word “chambray” is an evolution from the term “cambric,” the name for a variety of fabrics made in the area near Cambrai in France (“cambric,” in turn, originates from the Flemish word “kameryk”). Cambric was first used in 1530, and around 1590, its French synonym, batiste, also came into prominence. As a fabric, cambric or batiste is a white type of linen cloth, though silk has been a popular alternative throughout the fabric’s history. 

Over time, “cambric” and “chambray” became synonymous even though they aren’t that similar at all. Since its emergence in the mid-1800s, chambray refers to cotton fabrics that are produced and manufactured with a specific weft and weave pattern. Because of its manufacturing process, this type of fabric is fine and dense, and in a way, it bears some resemblance to denim, but ultimately, chambray is much lighter and more breathable than denim.

What is chambray fabric used for? 

Because of its weight and texture, chambray is a popular fabric for festive clothing. During the Middle Ages, it was commonly used for religious garments — especially for priests and other people involved in the church — and clothes appropriate for festivals.

In modern times, chambray is often used as a substitute for denim. In other words, some pants, shorts, light jackets, and fabric-topped shoes can be made from chambray fabric. This type of fabric is also an excellent choice for household textiles, such as upholstery on sofas and chairs, and bed sheets. 

Where is chambray fabric produced?

Chambray was originally produced in France, and over time, the production of this fabric spread to England. During the rise of the industrial era, the United States started producing chambray fabric at a significant rate, and the country had been the global leader in textile production until the 1980s. Now, China is the world leader in cotton production, and the country is expected to be one of the biggest producers of chambray in the future.

There are other countries that produce cotton and manufacture chambray, such as Pakistan and India, so China has stiff competition when it comes to this field.