Double Sided Quilted Cotton Fabric

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Wholesale Double-Sided Quilted Cotton Fabric

If you want to create garments with a homemade look to them, the double-sided quilted cotton is definitely the fabric for you.

What is a double-sided quilted cotton fabric?

Double-sided quilted cotton fabric is a plain-weave fabric made from 100% cotton. The thread count for this type of fabric is a little higher than regular cotton materials, but it’s definitely lower than the count found in cotton bedding. Because of this, double-sided quilted cotton fabric has quite a lot of body and is medium-weight.

Double-sided quilted cotton vs. apparel cotton

Double-sided quilted cotton and apparel cotton are both made with 100% cotton and plain weaves. The only difference lies in their weight. 

Double-sided quilted cotton is a sturdy, medium-weight fabric, which means it can withstand a lot of washes. Meanwhile, apparel cotton is lightweight — sometimes, very much so. Because of this, it has less body, but it does have a beautiful drape. It also doesn’t wrinkle easily, making it comfortable to wear.

Both types of cotton fabrics are beginner-friendly, though apparel cotton is definitely a lot easier to work with. This is because double-sided quilted cotton can wrinkle easily, so you have to iron it often. 

That said, though apparel cotton is generally beginner-friendly, it can stretch and might be too lightweight to work with. 

Use cases of double-sided quilted cotton fabrics

Double-sided quilted cotton fabric has a lot of desirable qualities: it’s sturdy and can hold its shape even after being washed. Because of this, it’s a great fabric for structured items, such as placemats, handbags, and the like. 

It’s also possible to use this type of fabric to make clothes. Manufacturers have started to make a lighter version of the double-sided quilted cotton fabric so that you can create clothes with ease. In particular, you can make clothes for hot climates with this fabric since it’s breathable.