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Commonly used in formal dresses and gowns, faille fabric uses cotton, rayon, and silk. Since China is the leading producer of these three fibers, it’s also one of the primary manufacturers of faille fabric. Other major producers of faille include Italy and India.

What is a faille fabric?

Faille is a type of fabric that’s woven with a faintly ribbed pattern, which creates a distinctive texture. Using either cotton, rayon, or silk, faille fabric is slightly softer than grosgrain. It’s also somewhat stiff, which makes it resistant to wrinkles and other deformities. 

Another great thing about faille fabric is that it has an excellent drape. Because of this, it was one of the most popular fabrics for gowns and dresses back in the 1940s and 1950s. Faille fabric is also incredibly durable — it doesn’t stain or tear easily. And when heavier materials are interwoven with the fibers, faille fabric can sometimes withstand intensive and varied uses. 

What is faille fabric used for?

Because of its characteristics (especially its delicateness, stiffness, shiny appearance, and easy drape), faille fabric is commonly used in clothing — both daily and formal wear. A few examples include skirts, dress shirts, ties, and suits. Dresses, gowns, and other women’s wear also use faille fabric sometimes. 

Outside of garments, faille fabric can be used for upholstery as well.