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Wholesale Ottoman Fabric 

Ottoman fabric is made with silk but can also be produced using a mixture of silk and other natural fibers like cotton. Turkey is the major producer of this fabric in the world. However, it faces competition from countries like China, which remains a leader in the textile industry.  

What is Ottoman Fabric?

Ottoman is a special kind of fabric with a ribbed structure that is designed primarily for heavy-duty outwear. The material’s structure is repetitive and usually has geometric designs or ornaments. The fabric has a natural sheen that helps give it an appealing look. 

Originally, Ottoman fabric was made from silk fibers. Today, the material is also produced with a mixture of other natural and synthetic fibers. 

The typical primary colors of Ottoman fabric are blue, turquoise, and white. Other additional colors that help improve the appearance are green, pink, purple, and yellow.  

History of Ottoman Fabric 

As the name suggests, the fabric originated in the Ottoman Empire, the modern-day Turkish Republic, in the sixteenth century. 

The fabric was a luxury reserved for the court at the time since it was costly. However, the fabric became available to all in the seventeenth century with increased production and the rise of political issues. The availability allowed the material to find its way around the world. 

Uses of Ottoman Fabric

The ottoman fabric is used for:

  • Daily wear- Evening dresses, legal dresses, and heavy winter suits
  • Upholstery- Seat covers 
  • Home decor- footstool, sofa beds, curtains, and tables

Pros and Cons of Ottoman Fabric 

The pros reveal why people from all walks of life have used the Ottoman fabric for centuries.  


  • Slightly stretchable
  • Durable
  • Thick
  • Range from lightweight to heavyweight 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Does not get wrinkles easily 


  • Ironing can damage the rib effect 
  • Requires regular cleaning when used for upholstery 
  • The fabric can hold allergens