Peachskin Fabric

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Wholesale Peachskin Fabrics

The primary producers of peachskin cloth are the Asian nations including India, Pakistan, and China. Considering that China dominates the textile industry, the majority of the fabric is made in this region. So, mostly, consumers and other clothing manufacturers export Peachskin fabric here.

What is Peachskin Fabric?

Peach skin fabric is a luxurious micro-fabric and leather-like material made from 100% Polyester. Generally, it is used as a good alternative to synthetic suede. It is a type of cloth with a thin sanding pile made of ultrafine synthetic fibers. The fabric’s surface is covered with a very thin, delicate pile, and both the touch and appearance of the fabric’s surface resemble peach-skin suede. So, if you are looking for fabric with a versatile and smooth texture on the market, Peachskin cloth is the right option for you.

Types of Peachskin Fabric

Based on its raw materials, you can classify Peachskin fabric into two types. They are polyester peach skin and polyester nylon peach skin. On the other hand, based on the market, it can be divided into a few types, namely twill weave peach skin, weave peach skin, and satin weave peach skin.

What is Peachskin Fabric Used For?

Once sanded and the final material is processed, the peach skin feels fluffy and smooth, just like the hair texture. Since it is a very versatile fabric, it is widely used in different industries. Particularly, it can be used for children’s apparel, coats, beach pants, skirts, blouses, and dresses with a lining. It is also common in some household textiles like mattresses, sheets, sofa cushions, curtains, and other home decorations. It is also applicable to some clothing and garments for hospitality, fashion, and special occasions clothing.

What are the Raw Materials used For Peachskin Fabric?

The primary raw material of Peachskin fabric is either polyester or nylon polyester. Usually, these two raw materials can be produced in big quantities for a reasonable cost.

History & Origin of Peachskin Fabric

When the fabric is dyed and finally completed its final production process, a fine velvet finish usually creates a short pile that is densely woven and covers the cloth’s surface, giving it a peach-colored appearance. Its name, “peach skin,” refers to its unique and attractive appearance and comfortable texture, both of which are popular with people (Micro Fiber Peach, peachskin). Whereas, the sanding finishing or “peach skin finishing” is the result. 

How Much is Peachskin Fabric? (per yard)

The price of Peachskin fabric per linear yard, with 303 GSM, a 0.64pmm thickness, and measures 58/60″ in width usually starts at $3.5 per yard up to $9, depending on its color.

Pros & Cons of Peachskin Fabric

Due to Peach wool’s polyester or nylon raw materials, it has excellent wear resistance and outstanding strength. Additionally, the fabric is more breathable and has a water-blocking function. Its overall appearance style is the same as silk fabric since its fluff is short and delicate and the fabric is thin and pleasant to the touch.

Typically, the main drawback of peach skin fabric is that its shavings are sanded. With that being said, it is more likely to shed or pill after friction or prolonged use so this fabric should be cleaned more carefully. It is also more likely to be prone to dust.