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A woven fabric produced on the dobby loom, the dobby fabric is characterized by small, repeated geometric patterns and extra texture. Satin is the most commonly used fiber for this kind of weave because its texture will highlight the design. That said, other textiles can be used as well, such as silk, cotton, and nylon.

What is dobby fabric? 

Creating dobby fabric is done by manipulating the yarns in the cloth — the weaver raises and lowers the vertical threads (warps) individually. In order to ensure that the designs and patterns are more noticeable, weavers use different colors for both warps and wefts. 

Dobby vs. Jacquard: What is the difference?

There are primary looms on the market today: Dobby and Jacquard. But how do you differentiate between these two?

The main difference between the Dobby and Jacquard looms is how the vertical warp yarns move as the horizontal yarm passes through. In other words, how the warp moves up and down as the weft yarn passes is what creates a pattern on the fabric.

  • For the Dobby loom, the warp yarn is controlled in groups, so when the harness moves up or down, all the warps move along with it.
  • Meanwhile, a Jacquard loom allows movement for the individual warp yarns.

With all that said, you can ultimately conclude that the dobby loom is best suited for simple patterns. In contrast, the jacquard loom allows for more intricate and complicated weaving patterns.

What is Dobby Fabric used for?

Aside from its simple geometric patterns, the dobby fabric is noted for its other characteristics. In particular, it has the following properties: flexible, resistant to creasing, versatile, and slightly stretchy.

Because of these characteristics, dobby fabric is perfect for clothes, especially polo shirts, shirts, dresses, blouses, outwear, and more. Non-apparel products are also possible with dobby fabric, such as handbags.