Organza Fabric

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Wholesale Organza Fabric 

Organza fabric is made from silk and synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester. The fabric is mainly produced in Asia and Europe. The biggest manufacturer and exporters of organza are China and India. Other countries that produce the material are France, Italy, Indonesia, and Pakistan. 

What is Organza Fabric? 

Organza is a lightweight, plain-woven fabric that is highly transparent and breathable. Other distinguishing properties are:

  • Smooth
  • Sheer
  • Wiry
  • Crisp
  • Slippery. 

Organza is distinguished from other fabrics by the tiny spaces throughout the material. The more holes per inch of the fabric, the higher the quality. 

The fabric was originally made using silk fibers but now it is also made using natural and synthetic fibers. 

History of Organza Fabric

Organza fabric originated in China where silk was first produced. The fabric was traded along the Silk Road, which were trade routes that connected China to Europe. This allowed it to spread across the world and to become popular. 

The name organza is derived from the word organzine, which is the process that was used to make silk thread from fibers. 

Types of Organza Fabric 

Here are the variations of organza fabric available in the market.

Crystal Organza 

This type is soft and lightweight, which make it suitable for making bridal gowns and for interior decorations. Crystal is the most popular type of organza fabric, and can be made using silk and synthetic fibers.  

Mirror Organza 

The fabric is the shiniest type of organza because it is highly reflective, hence the name mirror. This type is often made using polyester fibers. 

Satin Organza 

Satin is another type of shiny organza but one of the notable difference is that it maintains smoothness. 

Crushed Organza 

Crushed organza is designed to give it a wrinkled appearance. As the name suggests, it is treated and crinkled to make it look like it is crushed. 

Shot Organza 

The fabric is made using different colored threads in the warp and weft, which then help create a vibrant finish and texture. 

Embroidered Organza 

The material is the standard fabric with the addition of embroidery to give it a decorative quality. Embroidered organza can be decorated with beads, stain stitch, or sequins, among many others. 

Common Uses of Organza Fabric

Here are categories of products made using organza fabric and their examples.

  • Evening wear- Evening gowns and prom dresses
  • Bridal gowns- Wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses
  • Accessories- Veils, capes sashes, and bracelets
  • Home decor- Curtains, present bags, and tablecloths
  • Costumes- Tutus for ballerinas

Pros and Cons of Organza Fabric 

Here are reasons why the fabric is popular in the textile industry and its limitations.


  • Strong
  • Easy to manipulate and structure
  • Easy to sew
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight


  • Very delicate
  • Mostly hand-washed
  • Can easily get damaged if ironed