Polyester Fabrics

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  • Made from recycled  polyester, nylon and cottons 
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Sustainable or recycled polyester, often known as rPET, is created by recycling old polyester fiber or plastic bottles into a new sustainable polyester fiber. What makes it sustainable and economical is its actual production process. Also, compared to fresh polyester its manufacturing process uses fewer resources and emits low CO2. Although it is still not biodegradable and takes a long time to decompose sustainable polyester fabric is indeed a good way to lessen the pollution caused by these plastics.

Types of Sustainable Polyester Fabric

We must deny that polyester is one of the most common fabrics being offered in the market. With that being said, most clothing lines, garments, textiles, and other industries that need fabric, highly use polyester in their product. In CoronadoFabrics, we offer many types of polyester. They are as follows:

  • Polyester Organza fabric
  • Polyester Taffeta fabric
  • Imitation memory fabric
  • Polyester Pongee fabric
  • Polyester Peachskin fabric
  • Polyester Taslan fabric
  • Polyester Spandex fabric (including 4-way stretch)
  • Polyester Oxford Fabrics
  • Polyester Satin Fabric
  • Polyester Conductive fabric (graphene)
  • Polyester Corduroy fabric
  • Polyester Yarn fabric
  • Polyester Gabardine fabric
  • Polyester T400-T800 (spandex, elastic fiber)
  • Polyester Artificial Silk (art silk) fabric
  • Polyester Mini Matt fabric
  • Polyester Interlining fabric: 
  • Sustainable & Recycled Polyester Fabric