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Wholesale Sateen Fabric

Sateen is one of the most popular fabrics on the market due to its best qualities. Sateen typically has a range of weights, a weft-faced weave, and short-staple fibers. It is also renowned for having a smooth and shiny feel. Additionally, when compared to Satin fabric, it is far less expensive and suitable for a wide range of outfits.

What is Sateen Fabric?

The term “sateen” describes the weave of the cloth, not the components used to make it. Sateen fabric has a lustrous, silky texture and glossy sheen and is a versatile fabric as it is made from cotton and rayon. It also has tons of good characteristics that’s why it is very common in almost all types of garments and clothing. The variety of goods created by sateen is fairly diverse, ranging from children’s clothing to both men’s and women’s formal and casual clothing.

Types of Sateen Fabric

Chinese Brocade Sateen

This type of sateen is made entirely of polyester. Due to its lightweight, it is most common in skirts, dresses, cushions, and window treatments.

Japanese spring/Cosmo

Japanese spring sateen, also known as Cosmo, is made entirely of cotton. This type of sateen fabric is usually used for making window coverings, shirts, blouses, dresses, and skirts.

Milly Cotton Sateen

This fabric is also made entirely of cotton and is commonly used for making dresses, shirts, and blouses.

Shantung Sateen

Shantung sateen is a 100% polyester fabric used for window coverings, beds, dresses, skirts, coats, and jackets.

Stretch Sateen/Cotton Spandex

Stretch sateen or also known as cotton spandex, is a rather heavy-weight cotton sateen fabric. It usually has elastic woven making it more stretchy to some degree.

What is Sateen Fabric Used For?

Since Sateen is made from natural cotton, it is an ideal fabric for children’s clothing, and women’s fashion attire such as lingerie, and blouses. With its capability to resist wrinkles, it is also commonly used in making dresses. This type of fabric is also suitable for both formal and casual attire. Sateen, when combined with a little elastane, is also ideal for producing fashionable pants.

What are the Raw Materials Used For Sateen Fabric?

Instead of filaments, manufacturers use spun yarns with short-staple fibers to make sateen. Unlike other similar fabrics, this fabric is made from plant matter. Cotton and rayon are the two main short-staple spun yarns/raw materials used for sateen. To help with the distinctive “silkiness,” cotton or rayon frequently undergoes mercerisation, carded yarn, and combed process.

History & Origin of Sateen Fabric

Sateen’s existed nearly a thousand years ago, but its popularity has only grown through the years. Nowadays, sateen fabric is frequently utilized to create a wide range of cotton fabrics.

Silk was the only material used to make sateen, after the Silk Roads opened, the technology made its way to the Middle East. Usually, China exports satin made of synthetic and silk materials.

How Much is Sateen Fabric? (per yard)

The average price of sateen fabric, in the market, ranges from $7 to $20 per yard, depending on its type and design.

Pros & Cons of Sateen Fabric

Sateen fabric has tons of advantages and some drawbacks, which are listed below:


  • Cotton sateen can maintain the right temperature and is breathable.
  • It does wrinkle over time, but it can be maintained. The cloth drapes beautifully and folds up softly.
  • Its front side has a smooth, soft, and silky texture, same as the satin and natural silk fabric.
  • It is durable enough to withstand some damaging factors. Whether it is printed or solid, it retains its color well and looks new even after numerous machine washes.
  • Since sateen is usually made of natural cotton, it doesn’t trigger any allergic reactions.


  • When you press against the fabric, it occasionally makes a swooshing sound. Some sateen sheets will be noisier than others, similar to the crinkling sound that percale fabric frequently makes.