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Wholesale Nylon Taffeta Fabric

What is nylon taffeta? What is it used for?

Nylon taffeta is a taffeta fabric that’s made using synthetic nylon fibers. In other words, this particular fabric features the best of both worlds: not only does it have the thick nature of taffeta, but it also possesses the durability of nylon.

For this reason, nylon taffeta is best known for its weather-resistant and tear-resistant properties, which is why this is most commonly used for outdoor applications. A few examples of things that are made out of nylon taffeta include backpacks, jackets, storage covers, and tents. Nylon taffeta can even be used as a temporary tarp during storms and other harsh weather conditions.

Why us? 

Nylon taffeta is undeniably a fabric with many uses and applications, which is why many people use it when creating certain products. If you’re planning to use nylon taffeta for your products, consider ordering from us. 

For starters, we are just a typical trading company — we are also a manufacturer. Because of this, we can customize your fabric based on your preferences and specifications. 

Secondly, we have received the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certificate issued by ETKO. The GRS certificate is an international standard that dictates social and environmental best practices — so receiving one has put us in the front-runner position in the eyes of investors.

And last but not least, we have over 10 years of experience, which is why we’re well-connected in the fabric manufacturing sector. No matter what kind of textile or fiber you need, we can get it for you. 

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