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What is Sustainable Cotton Fabric?

Cotton is a renewable and biodegradable natural fiber, and it is popular in almost industries, particularly in clothing and garments. Even up to now, it is frequently utilized worldwide. It is prominently used in the production of clothing, shirts, household textiles, towels, lingerie, and even pharmaceuticals.

However, it is well recognized that growing traditional cotton poses a number of disputes because of its actual growing process. To produce more cotton, it needs a lot of water, chemicals, and pesticides, which impose negative effects on the environment. Although organic cotton is the best option for the health of the environment and farm workers, conventional cotton is less expensive to produce and purchase. That’s why manufacturers from across the globe managed to provide an alternative, the sustainable cotton fabric.

Why is Cotton Fabric Sustainable?

Nothing can compare to the benefits of organic cotton when it comes to sustainability. Farmers that switch to organic cotton growing improve not only their quality of life but also the environment. Organic cotton reduces groundwater contamination by avoiding pesticides and fertilizers, making drinking water pure and safe. According to research, the production of organic cotton has a 98% lower environmental impact than conventional cotton.

Types of Sustainable Cotton Fabric

Sustainable cotton fabric has many types, but the most common in the market are cotton blend fabric, pure cotton fabric, and recycled and sustainable cotton fabrics.

Cotton Blend Fabric

A cotton blend is a fabric that is mostly made of cotton but also has trace amounts of other fibers. Generally, cotton blend fabric is composed of a large percentage of cotton fibers. But it has a little proportion of other fibers like rayon, polyester, and linen. Most blended cotton has 80% cotton and 20% polyester. This fabric aims to increase or add particular fabric properties while also cutting down the cost of the finished clothing, garment, or textile products.

Pure Cotton Fabrics

Clothing composed of 100% cotton is not only soft and kind on the skin, but it is also heavier than 50/50 cotton blend clothes. They drape more delicately and have a special softness. are also significantly more breathable than fabric made of polyester blends.

Recycled & Sustainable Cotton Fabrics

Recycled & sustainable cotton uses lesser resources than regular or organic cotton, and it prevents too much waste made from the production process. It is therefore a fantastic sustainable choice. Utilizing used cotton clothing, old garments or surplus textiles can be recycled into new cotton fabric. Although the cotton’s quality could not be as high as that of brand-new cotton, it is still a good option.