Ukraine’s Tariffs on Fabrics: Textile Import Duty in Ukraine 

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The textile industry in Ukraine has been expanding rapidly and now has over 2,500 manufacturing plants that produce mainly for export markets. Ukraine’s textile industry is a key link in global clothes production, hosting over 15 well-established global brands.

Ukraine has 19 free trade agreements with 46 countries, including the European Union. Easy access to these markets and the availability of a skilled workforce has helped propel the nation to a leader in the production of fabric, garment, and footwear. 

These factors have also created a high demand for textile raw materials from countries like China to help sustain the Ukrainian textile industry.    

 Categories of Import Duties in Ukraine

Ukraine’s tariff schedule has three categories of import duties. They determine the rate to be charged for your goods depending on the country of origin. Here are the categories;

  1. Full Import Duty Rates  

The applicable rates in this group can be up to 10 times higher than those of the Most Favored Nation (MFN).

  1. Most Favored Nation Import Duty Rates

The rates for this category are lower than the full duty. The reduced rates only apply to textile goods imported from nations that are also a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

  1. Preferential Import Duty Rates

The rates are lower than MFN rates. Preferential rates apply to fabric imports from nations with whom Ukraine has a free trade agreement or any other agreement. 

Import Duty Rates for Selected Textile Goods

Below are the listed tariffs for Ukraine’s textile industry.


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